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Jogging Resolution


While jogging through Seashore State Park yesterday morning, I was listening to talk radio and heard the disc jockey say he had to get to bed by 9PM in order to do his 6AM show and had missed Obama’s speech the  night before.  Then, the conservative DJ and Romney-supporter added “but I heard it was a good one.”

A few minutes later, an irate listener called in, complaining he shouldn’t say that without also saying something bad about the speech.  Fumbling briefly, the DJ asked rhetorically if he could not repeat what somebody told him and was told by the irate caller he had an obligation to “badmouth bad people.”

After an uncharacteristic silence, the annoyed DJ said — he promised long ago never to badmouth his ex-wife and, if he was not obligated to badmouth her, then he was not obligated to badmouth anybody else.

Missing the point, the caller then insisted that Obama was going to surrender control of our military to the U.N. immediately after the election.  Realizing the caller was definitely a kook, the DJ said “I don’t like you, but I’m not going to badmouth you either.  I’m just going to . . .”  Then, there was a dial tone.

That testy exchange on the radio forced me to make a resolution.  Therefore:  Be it resolved that I will not speak negatively of any person running for office, including Obama and Romney.  It serves no purpose and cheapens anything else I might have to say.  I wish the politicians and their handlers would do the same.

Now, about that ex-wife . . .

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