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Just Another Muscle

Many years ago, I was fortunate to work with an older lady, who fasted every Friday – no breakfast, no lunch, and no dinner.  Most of us assumed she did this as part of a weight management program, but one day she added that “self-control is just another muscle that gets weak without exercise.”

Ten years ago, I realized I was a news-aholic and always needed to hear the latest news.  I was addicted, and there is no twelve-step program for news-aholics, so self-control became necessary.  Since then, I set aside a news-free day every weekend, usually Saturday.

Unfortunately, while the quantity of news is constant (24/7), the quality of news has become more toxic — downright unhealthy.  It is time to exercise more self-control and avoid more news.

Since the first of the year, I have not listened to news on the radio while driving.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy driving, especially with music . . .

Try it . . . less is more!