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“just budgetary matters” . . . matter!


“The price for the war in Afghanistan was paid on 9-11.  Everything else are just budgetary matters.”  That was the comment by a young soldier in Afghanistan yesterday, after hearing of the Obama’s decision to begin a modest withdrawal of troops.

That comment bothered me.  Does that mean Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are also “just budgetary matters” and therefore beyond questions about the value and efficiency of the dollars spent?  If budgetary matters don’t matter, does that mean the Chinese will continue loaning us money forever to fight faraway wars that benefit them?  Are there no geo-political consequences to budgetary matters?  Is there no consequence to owing so much money to the Chinese . . . or to future generations?  Are there no moral implications?

As indicated by my military record, I yield to no one in my patriotism or my love for this country.  I was in Washingtion on 9-11 and watched the Pentagon burn.  My wife was downwind and inhaled its smoke.  I know the price we paid, but it is NOT unpatriotic to actually understand the consequences of “just budgetary matters!”

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