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Just Do It !!


It is the duty of financial planners to initiate uncomfortable conversations with their clients.  One of the most difficult is end-of-life planning.  Unless you plan to live forever, it is too important to procrastinate.

Let’s make it easier!  First, sit down at your computer.  Second, ask yourself who should make healthcare decisions for you, if you’re unable to do it for yourself.  Now, type that!  Third, how much medical treatment do you want?  Extraordinary measures or just pain-free?  Now, type that.  Fourth, how much do you want your family or loved ones to know?  Now, type that!  Fifth, date it.  Sixth, give a copy to your doctor, your lawyer, and whomever you chose to make your healthcare decisions.

Congratulations, you’ve now done the hard part!  You’ve identified what YOU want.

The next stop is to ask your lawyer to draft a healthcare directive for you.  He may ask you several additional questions, but that’s easy — you’ve already done the hard part.  Everything else is mere details.

There are also numerous forms online, if you prefer, but they ask more detailed questions, and there’s no lawyer to explain them.  Not all legal fees are wasted money.

Have I made you uncomfortable yet?  Good!

Now . . . just do it!   I promise you’ll feel better . . .

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