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Just A Red Shoe ?


On September 11th of each year, we stand and remember the almost three thousand people murdered by sick, crazed terrorists in New York and Washington.  Certainly, our hearts still go out to those victims and their families.

But, I also think about the collaterally damaged people, like our next door neighbor, who worked in the Pentagon.  When the plane hit, thousands of employees began running from the building.  As she ran, she somehow lost her right shoe.  It was a red shoe.

She never talked about the plane crash.  She never talked about her fear or the co-workers she lost.  She could only talk about her red shoe.  Ask her about the weather, and her red shoe would soon come up.  She hid from the emotional pain of her memories by focusing on her red shoe.

A year later, we moved and never saw her again.  Still, on the 9-11 anniversary each year, I wonder about her and hope she is well . . .


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