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“Just Wear A Damn Mask”


There is an anti-mask rally in Dallas today.  People, who feel they have a right to spew water droplets on other people, will mass and swarm into various retail stores, overwhelming the store policy about wearing a mask.  This is sick!

Having been raised in an area with many Revolutionary War memorials . . . and having family members who hated Yankees during the Civil War . . . and hated “revenuers” during Prohibition . . . and as a target of the anti-war movement in the 1960’s, I am very familiar with the anti-authority view of everything.

Look, I’m a big, tough guy, and no bureaucrat is going to take away my right to spew on other people . . . ?  Huh??

These “spewers” are mostly males, who consider themselves real-patriots who protect our rights.
(Too bad they care more about their right to spew . . . than their right to privacy.)

As Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) said . . . “JUST WEAR A DAMN MASK” !!

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