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Kudos to the President


It is no small understatement to say I’ve been disappointed with our current RINO President, but he deserves kudos for the Israel-UAE deal he announced last week.

Since the birth of Israel in 1946, Israel has been the most hated neighbor in a nasty neighborhood.  Slowly, it has made “peace” with Egypt and then Jordan.  (The UAE is a small (10 million people) country but wealthy, unlike Egypt and Jordan.)  While the details of the deal are not finalized, it has infuriated the long-suffering Palestinians, which will unfortunately make future deals with other neighbors somewhat more difficult.  Still, this is a welcome step in the right direction.

The politics of the Mideast has long been described as the Gordian Knot of foreign affairs.  While we didn’t cut the knot completely, the President took a mighty whack at it!

Kudos, Mr. President !

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