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Let Him Pray !


We were in Philadelphia most of last week and were quite impressed with all the preparations the City is making before the Pope’s arrival this week.  I’m expecting it will be a first-class spectacle and well worth watching.

However, I remember working in D.C. when foreign heads-of-state would visit and the preparations for those visits.  There seems to be a difference, at least to my untrained eye.

Preparations in D.C. were all about security, i.e., closing streets, removing trash cans along the routes, prohibiting parking on certain roads, insuring access to rooftops to post snipers, sealing manhole covers, etc.  Preparations in Philadelphia seem to be all about pageantry, i.e., hundreds of flags and huge banners, large stages with speakers and outdoor video.  That does not necessarily mean Philadelphia is ignoring security, but it does appear that the pageantry is over-shadowing the Pope’s security.  Let us pray for a peaceful papal visit! 

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