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Losing Like A Man ??


Former P.O.W. John McCain has long been one of my political heroes.  When he was trashed last year by Donald Trump, I wrote that Trump was just another egocentric egomaniac and unworthy of consideration.  Don’t forget — when McCain lost to Obama, McCain never whined that the election was rigged — because his love of country exceeded his personal ambition.

Al Gore became a political hero to me in 2000.  Even though he believed that he had won Florida and therefore the Presidency, he graciously conceded to his opponent, in order to end the nagging national uncertainty.  Never forget that more people voted for Gore nationwide than for Bush!  Yet, Gore never whined the election was rigged — demonstrating that his love of country exceeded his personal ambition.

Donald Trump has become an existential threat to the United States, by “pre-whinning” to his supporters that they are being robbed of the Presidency by election fraud.  Even the reliably Republican Wall Street Journal said “there’s zero evidence that the [election] process is compromised.”

The beauty and magic of our democracy is the peaceful transfer of power.  If he fails to take his loss like a man and fails to instruct his supporters to respect the results, Trump could become the greatest threat to America since the Civil War.

My fear is that Donald Trump loves himself more than he loves our country.

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