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Loved To Death


In 1919, Congress passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, beginning the Era of Prohibition.  None of the earlier 17 amendments were ever as unpopular with the American people as that one.  Fourteen years later, that amendment was repealed.  Yes, an amendment can be repealed.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has now opined that the Second Amendment should also be repealed, especially since it is so unpopular with the American people.  That amendment theoretically “protects the rights of gun owners.”  It has been zealously guarded by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which loves the Second Amendment . . . too much!  The NRA is lead by a blinded, well-meaning zealot called Wayne LaPierre.  He loves kids, like everybody else, but he is blinded by love.  So is the NRA.

The NRA is loving the Second Amendment to death, eventually killing it.  Already, the vast majority of Americans brand the NRA as just another bunch of corrupt lobbyists or even terrorists, and they are correct.  The NRA tarnishes the noble Second Amendment.  They bring blame and shame to the Second Amendment.  If the NRA continues to oppose the American people, it will disappear along with their beloved Second Amendment.  The NRA is the greatest threat to the Second Amendment!

As a true gun lover and former NRA member myself, I pray Wayne LaPierre will protect my gun rights by immediately dismantling the NRA.  Absent that, I  reluctantly agree that the Second Amendment must be repealed.

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