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Loving the Pampered?


How can anything so routine and mundane put so many smiles on so many faces worldwide?  I’ve been bewildered by this all my life but am finally starting to understand . . . maybe.

The British Royal family is arguably the best known family on the list of the world’s ten most pampered families.  Despite that elite status, working class people worldwide cheer whenever a Royal gets married or has a baby.  There is obviously some emotional need being satisfied by this fascination with Royals.

Maybe, they fill a void in our lives, which seem dull in comparison, I guess?
Maybe, we need to see it is possible to float above the gnawing fray of daily life?
Maybe, we need to see that the most pampered among us still have emotional problems?

Because I tend to be dismissive of people who are unfamiliar with work, I tend to be dismissive of the Royal family.  However, when I see so many smiles on so many faces, I am thankful to the Royal family.  I don’t need to understand it — I will just enjoy it!

So, good luck and best wishes to the new bride and groom . . . and the next bride and groom as well!

Just keep those smiles coming!

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