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Majority Rule, Minority Rights


During my Political Science 101 course in the last century, the professor repeatedly reminded us that majority rule was easy, but protecting minority rights was hard.  This was after the Kennedy years, when there was apparently some concern about the rights of Catholics being protected by a Protestant majority.  While all that seems quite unlikely today, it was an issue to my professor.

But I still remember his chant of “majority rule, minority rights” whenever I would read about the Senate filibuster rule, where a minority could prevent majority rule.  I supported the filibuster rule . . . until the Sandy Hook massacre.  The demand for gun control has now increased to a dangerous level.  A little gun control now will prevent massive gun control later.  There is smart gun control, and there is stupid gun control.  The longer we fight smart gun control, the more stupid gun control we’ll get!

I love my guns and believe the greatest threat to my guns is the right wing of the Republican Party, which ignores Americans by foolishly hiding behind the fossilized Second Amendment!  Grow up and get over it!

The Senate filibuster rule must go!  In a rapidly accelerating world, too much deliberation is a foolish luxury.  First, let’s do some smart gun control.  Then, let’s do some smart budget balancing . . . please!

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