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For some years, I have advocated a “news-free” day.  Most of us keep close tabs on the news provided by our favored news source.  Of course, it is essential to gather news from those news sources that both agree AND disagree with your point of view.  However, it is also important to maintain perspective.  To do so, you must be free of the news habit from time-to-time.  News-gathering is addictive, and I am clearly a victim.

Seeking to flee the breathless 24/7 coverage of the Trump-Comey conflict, I actually watched RT, which stands for Russia Today.  It is a propaganda machine of the Kremlin.  I expected it would mirror US coverage — saying there was NO Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  To my surprise, the subject was not even covered.  Instead, it was full of  “US-led airstrikes in Syria target scores of women and children.”  Ignoring such patently-absurd headlines, their coverage is full of military strategy, i.e., what kind of forces are deployed where and how their supply lines function.  From a military standpoint, it was actually quite interesting.

But, the point is — take a break, preferably a “cold-turkey” break and avoid all news for one day every week.  Play golf!  Go to the beach!  Listen to your kids!  Amuse your spouse!  It might even be fun . . .

Neither Trump nor Comey care what you do — only you care!  Now, pick up that remote . . . yes, you CAN do it . . .

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