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Moderates, Unite!


Mark Warner is the senior Democratic U.S. Senator from Virginia.  When he was running for the office in 2008, he described himself as an “extreme moderate.”  While I always liked that philosophical description, I was slightly suspicious that it might be self-serving, as Virginia was still a fairly Republican state at the time.

Recently, I heard him taking questions from voters.  One question was how much damage the Republican Party would sustain this November?  To his credit, the Senator replied that our country needed a strong Republican Party, as well as a strong Democratic Party.  He explained that moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats can move this country forward, whereas radical Republicans and radical Democrats simply cripple our country.


It doesn’t matter if you are represented by a radical Republican or radical Democrat — vote for change!

If you are represented by a person who is disrespectful of the other party — vote for change!

If they snarl when discussing the other party — vote for change!

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