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Nature’s Forgiveness


My father always cautioned me to never discuss politics, religion, or how to raise children.  Unfortunately, I must often discuss politics, as it is scrambled with economics, but I still avoid partisanship.  On the other hand, I never discuss child-rearing, because I frankly don’t have a clue.

I do take his advice about religion and don’t think I have ever quoted a religious leader before, but the Pope was recently asked if the pandemic was “nature’s revenge.”  The Pope answered “God forgives always, man forgives sometimes, but nature never forgives.”  He went on to say the pandemic is not nature’s revenge but nature’s response.  Interesting . . .

Was he saying climate change is a predictable response to the way we treat the environment?  Was he saying that the virus doesn’t care about politics nor Presidents?  Was he suggesting that only scientists and clergy are entitled to an opinion on nature?    Maybe, the unforgivable sin was simply the poor hygiene of slaughtering animals?

What do you think?

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