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The Need To Break Noses


Is it acceptable to punch somebody in the nose for insulting your late Mother?

In an overly-long opinion piece inside yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, the writer alleged that leftists  hate “Mr. Trump’s vulgarity.”  Well, my Mother never used a vulgar word but prayed for those who did.  Vulgarity was not a small deal to her!  It was simply inexcusable.

But, the insult was suggesting she was a leftist.  She was an early supporter of Republican Margaret Chase Smith and NEVER voted for a (spit, spit) Democrat.  Not even once, NEVER!

I have often wondered if she would have voted for President Trump.  When she rises from the grave in a rage over being called a leftist, I’ll ask her.

Is there a purity test for Republicans?  Must we excuse every aberrant behavior to MAGA?  Is anything inexcusable?

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