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New Year’s Resolution


When I was a boy, my mother would remind me to write down my New Year’s Resolution each year and tape it to my door.  Like most kids, my resolutions were usually (1) to do ALL my homework or (2) keep my room clean or (3) feed my dog – “Pal” – before leaving for school or (4) even to show respect to the dentist for a change or something like that . . .

A more common resolution today is simply to lose weight.  That’s a good first step – picking a particular resolution.  Now, the second step – make it specific.  For example, I will lose ten pounds by Easter.  The tough third step is to tell other people.

Therefore, be it resolved:  Beginning in January 2020, I will donate blood once every month, regardless of my travel schedule!

There, I said it and feel better for saying it.  I will do it!!

Your turn . . . ??

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