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Newton’s Dumb Law

Since 1687, one of Issac Newton’s “Laws of Motion” has been, loosely speaking — there is an equal but opposite reaction. Maybe, that was also the birth of binary thinking.

Longtime readers will recall that my blog posts in late 2015 and 2016 about Donald Trump were not popular with the MAGA crowd. I wrote then and still believe that he is a egocentric egotist, who is a clear and present danger to the country I love. Character and decency still matter! However, before the election that year, I reduced the heat of my posts, not because I felt less passionate about the threat to my country but was appalled by the binary thinking . . . things are one way or the other. If you are not pro-Trump, you must be pro-Biden . . . huh?

I was criticized for being very pro-Biden, not for being very anti-Trump. I resented that intellectually. Who has access to my thoughts? Who said I cannot like Trump’s policies but not the man? Who said I cannot like Biden as a man but not his policies? Who is telling me that character and decency are not important? If character and decency don’t matter, what is the equal but opposite reaction?

My wife believes that Mitt Romney was the best-looking person ever to run for the White House. Does that mean Romney’s opponent was the worst-looking person ever to run?

Why do binary thinkers assume everyone else is a binary thinker?