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When I was still young enough to know everything, I loved the concept of democracy.  Sure, lots of people have argued that we are a republic, not a democracy, but that is a difference without significance in America.  Authoritarian forms of government are too repugnant to even consider.  Likewise, the constitutional monarchies like the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Norway, etc. were also offensive forms of government, as they violate the democratic concept that all people are created equal.  A monarch is no “better” than anybody else.

However, if America ever became a constitutional monarchy, I hope our monarch would be as sensitive and capable as the late Queen Elizabeth II.

While she may have been tone-deaf one time, on the death of Diana, she addressed her nation many other times, bringing sincerity and warmth whenever the people needed it.  Her “stiff upper lip” speech during the Pandemic was inspired and helped her people greatly.

The key to her success is that she wasn’t a political leader.  Instead, she was a great emotional leader.

Her value as a monarch is clearly demonstrated by the five-mile long line, with thousands of people standing many hours, to simply walk past her coffin.  The U.S. is a much more populated nation but never had such a long line to pay final respect to anybody and likely never will.

Rest-in-peace, Your Majesty . . . I pray your son will be as revered as yourself!