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No Love For Google . . . or NSA


I have not been able to contribute to my blog in five days.  Once again, Google was denying me access, presumably because it didn’t like my downloading their newest Chrome . . . I guess.  This is not the first time they have shut me down.  Once they denied me access because I was using Explorer, which is owned by Microsoft, instead of Chrome, which is owned by Google.  Although they have never written a word on the blog, they act like they own it.  Maybe, they do . . . technically.

Did anybody notice Google agreed to pay $17 million to 37 states for violating privacy of people who use Apple’s operating system, Safari.  Oh, that was on top of the $22.5 million they agreed to pay the FTC for the same thing.  If you or I violate the privacy of our neighbors, we’re likely to spend some time in jail.  If Google does it, they pay a fine that is insignificant to them.  So, why wouldn’t they do it again and again??

Let’s see . . . Google makes money by selling advertising.  They sell advertising by telling advertisers which internet users are interested in which types of products.  They have that information from planting “cookies” in YOUR computer to track your movements.  They have a monumental, obtuse, dense privacy agreement that everyone must agree with, in order to use anything remotely Google.  If you look for a new set of golf clubs, you get bombarded with advertisements selling golf clubs.  So, is Google doing you a favor??

And, who violates your privacy the most — Google or the NSA?  Google does it for profit, while the NSA does it with abandon.  At least, Google knows what they will do with the information they get for violating your privacy.  They will sell it to the highest bidder.  The NSA gathers more information they can use, so leakers like Snowden can do what leakers do . . . leak it!  So, is Snowden the last leaker??

Maybe, it is time to go gently into the night, surrendering any appreciation for individual privacy.  If there is no place for chivalry in modern life, maybe there is no place for privacy either.  Every time you meet a new person, you have to wonder how much information he can immediately find out about YOU!  Will they know about your last medical procedure?  How about that embarrassing little social disease you picked up at age 18?  How about that time you typed in child proof furniture and somehow found yourself on a child porn website?  How much do you want strangers to know about YOU??

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