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Non-Binary News


News from Fox News is considered true-news by Republicans.  Democrats consider most news from Fox News as fake-news.   This is the partisan perspective, and it is unfortunate that we take such a binary view of news.  It is far too multi-faceted for binary views.  There are more than two perspectives.

All the major news sources — Fox, CNN, MSNBC, networks, etc. — are overly U.S. centric.  There a big world outside the U.S. that gets too little coverage.  Yes, there is CNN International, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), even PBS.  There is also al Jazerra and Russia Today (RT) but their bias is easier to recognize than finding their station in the cable line-up.  This is the geographic perspective of news.

Now, there is another perspective — the age perspective.  Republicans and Democrats view the world thru a partisan lenses.  Millennials have a different view that neither Fox nor non-Fox stations recognize.  They want their own lens and now have “newsy news”.  Originally launched in mid-America Missouri in 2008, it has been acquired by E.W. Scripps & Company, which turned it into a network this year.

Just as baby-boomers view the world differently from the “Greatest Generation,” the Millennials view the world differently than the older generations.  They have a refreshing look at how to present news.  (Locally, it is channel 136 on the Cox line-up.)   Of course, since it is non-partisan, Republicans and Democrats will both label “newsy news” as fake-news. 

Maybe, it’s not??


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