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Not Evil ?


President Reagan never referred to Goldman Sachs as “the evil empire” but some of us think he could have.  He was referring to the old Soviet Union, not the giant investment banking firm that is too-big-to-fail, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, their research is good, and here are their most recent predictions:

1.  GDP growth will be 1.6% this year but a whopping 2.9% next year.
2.  Unemployment will drop to 6.6% by the end of next year.
3.  Core inflation will remain flat.
4.  The S&P will end this year at 1,750 and next year at 1,900.
5.  Gold will fall to $1,050 by the end of next year.
6.  The euro will strengthen and the yen will weaken.

I’m surprised they don’t charge a fee for their predictions . . . ??

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