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Our “Protectors” ??


Even after all these years, I’m still pretty good with guns and have to roll-my-eyes whenever I see these hot-headed, gun-totting wannabe-protectors demonstrating for the freedom to congregate in churches and bars.  Or, maybe it is to strut around with their macho-guns?

For years, I have railed about Americans losing their privacy.  Where are these “brave” demonstrators on privacy?  There is a greater chance we will lose our privacy than our guns.  Privacy is relatively binary – you either have it or you don’t.  Guns are everywhere – at least 370 million of them.  We can lose privacy with the signature of a pen or the click of a mouse.  There is NO way anybody can find, much less confiscate, 370 million guns, in a big country.  How many people would have to die to take those guns?  Try worrying about something that is more probable than missing “Happy Hour” or losing your guns, like losing your privacy.

It’s probably true that a person will never understand privacy until they read the iconic book “1984” (published in 1949) by George Orwell, before they can really appreciate the meaning and the value of privacy.  That is . . . assuming our protectors can read . . .

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