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Pandemic Blessings ??


Surely, some good things will come out of this terrible pandemic.

For myself, with fewer people around, I have come to know those fewer people better.
For example, I discovered how interesting our cleaning lady is — who knew?

I learned that 24/7 news (as well as documentaries) are worse for your mental health than expected.
For example, I learned that romantic comedies aren’t as dumb as I expected.

Decades ago, I learned the importance of exercise while in the Army and have been religious about it ever since.
Now, more than ever, I realized how much my good health is due to good luck . . . not me . . . the virus doesn’t care if you exercise.

Once again, I learned the importance of saving money, even though the pandemic has been quite good to the comfortable.
More than ever, I feel fortunate to be a white male from a good family with a good education, however unfair that may be.

The pandemic has made me a better person.
Another pandemic/war/divorce might make me an even better person.
I don’t want to be a better person, thank you!



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