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Political Pundit George Carlin ?


I think the late comedian was the first to describe our electoral process as “political masturbation”, a very intense, focused effort to accomplish nothing. The Libertarian view is that elections merely change the Masters, with the slaves remaining the same. It is just a different set of thieves. Maybe, that’s a little cynical. OK, that’s a lot cynical.

Wall Street traditionally likes divided government, and I expect the stock market will reflect that. That’s the silver lining. But, there are turning points in history. We may “kick the can down the road forever,” but forever is over. There are some deadly serious decisions to be made, and I don’t see that we have the process for making those decisions.

How are we going to keep borrowing money from our grandchildren to pay for our Social Security, for our Medicare, for endless far-flung wars, and for interest on the trillions we’ve already borrowed?

What changed yesterday that will help us make those decisions? What happened two years ago that helped us? What will happen two years from now that will help us? Or, will it be just another Master?

WHEN will we know . . . and HOW will we know . . . that “political masturbation” is no longer working for America? The American people deserve better!

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