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R.I.P. Manchester Kids


President Trump is correct in calling terrorists “evil losers,” but I suspect they were losers first, who subsequently became evil.  Maybe, they were losers because they never had a chance to “hold a job or hold a woman’s hand.”  When the birthrate exceeds job growth, heartbreak follows.  Better birth control and more jobs would help.  Poverty often produces misfits, but religion can make them evil, and all religions feel persecuted.  Unfortunately, it is just too easy to blame their persecution and problems on Western civilization.

The most interesting thing on the President’s first foreign trip is the impressive new Saudi center for monitoring terrorist recruiting on the internet.  There is very little public information on this new center, but I wish them well. The Sunni Saudis are finally getting engaged in the first against terrorism.  They even promised to crack down on their citizens funding terrorist organizations.  Better late than never.

Another day, another terrorist attack, another up day in the stock market, all is well . . . NOT!

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