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Random Thoughts on Egypt


Egypt is a relatively large country, with a population approaching 100 million.  Tourism is its leading industry, employing one of every seven Egyptians.  The Nile region is also a major agricultural producer.  It is the only non-OPEC oil producer in the Mid-East.  After passing South Africa last year, Egypt is now the fastest growing economy in Africa.  It is also surprising that Cairo has become the “Hollywood” of the Mid-East, including the digital arts.

For well over a thousand years, Egypt spent its resources to glorify egomaniacs who were afraid of death.  Once the economy weakened, the country could no longer afford to waste its resources on dead egomaniacs.   While the engineering may indeed be very interesting, the economic decisions are hard to justify.

Having spent considerable time in the sandy deserts of west Texas desert, north Nevada, and Death Valley, I expected Egypt to be similar – that is, sandy.  Instead, the Egyptian desert is more dust than sand.

I don’t believe there is one bottle of decent wine in the whole country!

In terms of weight management, if you liked Montezuma’s Revenge in Mexico, you’ll love “Mummy Tummy” in Egypt.  I lost five pounds.

If you like dense throngs of tourists needing a shower, you’ll love Egypt.  While tourism suffered after the Arab Spring, it has fully recovered and is booming now.

Like the Chinese, the Egyptians don’t understand the concept of personal space.  While I like to keep at least a foot between myself and most women and at least two feet between myself and all men, the Egyptians measure that space in mere inches.

Safety cannot be assumed in Egypt.  The last time I needed such armed security was in Alaska . . . to protect me from bears.

So, if you’ve wondered whether you should take the eleven-hour flight for a first-hand look at the mysteries of Egypt . . . don’t!

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