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Read it . . . or not

Life is nothing more than a series of binary choices . . . you know . . . “either-or”
There’s “good or bad” —  there’s “eat or exercise” ?

Mothers . . . and other expert psychologists . . . warn us that “all work & no play” makes us dull, boring and unhealthy.
Most cardiologists would agree.
But, what is “work” and what is “play”?
Is the same binary choice for everybody?

For professional students, the choice is between acquiring new knowledge or updating old knowledge.
Of course, new knowledge also brings the need for even more updating, further reducing time for new knowledge.
What you already know . . . also demands time.

Recently visiting Yellowstone National Park, I enjoyed reading about central bankers during the Depression on my trusty Kindle.
But then, an expected late Spring snowstorm eliminated television, cell phone coverage, and internet access . . . for days.
There was no way to update anything.
It was not restful.

My first concern was the stock market, but I knew it was stable, despite recent downtrends.
I also knew there was no financial crisis on the horizon.
But, I worried that clients might need to talk and couldn’t reach me.
Being disconnected from information presented the binary choice of “panic or not”

Mothers . . . and other expert psychologists . . . are not wrong, but they should also consider saying “moderation in all things” . . . working, playing, learning, updating, worrying, even staying connected, etc!

So, what is your next binary choice?