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Mitch McConnell is an 81-year-old member of Kentucky aristocracy and has served in the U.S. Senate for 38 years. During live television this week, his face suddenly “froze” for twenty seconds. I’ve seen that look before. It was on my late mothers face, when she had a mini-stroke. (Nobody should not be ridiculed — paging Fox’s Greg Gutfeld!)

I was hopeful that the Republican leader would work to defeat BAD Democratic ideas but was disappointed that he fought virtually ALL Democratic ideas – another victim of partisan purity.

While I believe retirement is greatly over-rated, it is time for Senator McConnell to exit stage right. Likewise, it is time for 90-year-old Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein to exit stage left . . . now, please!

Old age may not be pretty, but it should not be ridiculed nor ignored . . . not even for partisan purity!