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Rifle or Shotgun?


Listening to the endless debate over gun violence, I am reminded of the difference between rifles and shotguns.  A rifle fires one bullet at a time and is usually more accurate than a shotgun, which fires many small pellets.  Our debate seems to search for a single “silver bullet” that will fix the problem of gun violence.  There is no one solution to this complex problem.  Each solution will have some exceptions.  Discussion of any single solution is time wasted!

The Republican Florida governor, Rick Scott, has put together a package of non-perfect solutions, including raising the minimum age for all firearms to 21, strengthening background checks, one police officer in every school with a thousand students, as well as one mental health counselor, hardening schools with bullet proof glass, steel doors, etc.  Importantly, he wants to make it easier for others to request confiscation of a worrisome person’s weapons, while respecting the worrisome person’s Second Amendment rights.

Don’t forget — None of these individual suggestions is a fail-safe solution that will absolutely prevent all future gun violence.  There is no “silver bullet.” However, taken as a package, it is a giant step forward, and the Governor should be applauded.

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