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There are precious few Americans who respect Congress.  Respect for the Presidency varies depending on the President, but most everybody I know respects the Supreme Court.

When President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, I thought that was fine.  While Kavanaugh’s perspective on expansive executive power worried me, I felt he was reasonably in the mainstream of legal thought and would have voted for him.  I completely believed the heartbreaking testimony of Dr. Ford but still thought Judge Kavanaugh was innocent until proven guilty and supported his appointment, albeit with very, very little enthusiasm.

However, his fit-of-rage last Thursday really worried me.  He claimed to be a “father, son, and husband” fighting back, as he wrote in The Wall Street Journal, to justify his outburst.  I saw a prep-school, frat-boy with serious entitlement issues.  At that point, I concluded he lacked the temperament to serve on the highest court objectively.  Will he ever issue an opinion that is not compared to his partisan frat-boy freak-out?

I am sad he will be confirmed, and I pray that Americans will continue to respect the Supreme Court.  That respect is more important than Kavanaugh, the Congress, the Senate, or even the President.

So many good, solid Republican lawyers, and look who we got.



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