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Santa Cheats


Gifted and/or cursed with the “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” and/or sleepy metabolism, I get to watch the European stock markets open most every morning.  It is like watching the sun come up, where one witnesses renewal of the physical universe, only that I witness renewal of the commercial universe.  It is a living, breathing phenomenon.  (On weekends, I use the quiet of early morning to simply write.)

However, during the last two weeks of December, I usually enjoy the “Santa Claus rally” by sneakily watching The Golf Channel, instead of CNBC or Bloomberg.  So far this month, there has been serious question whether Santa was coming or not, and I have been cheated out of my annual golf fantasy.  Now that it looks like Santa has just arrived tardily, I’m going to watch The Golf Channel and start working on my annual New Year’s Resolution to play more golf next year . . . which I secretly know I will never do!

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