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Shocked and Saddened


As someone who sees the world economy as a fascinating and almost living organism, it is rare that I can take my eye of it.  But, I have been shocked and saddened by the senseless massacre in Orlando.  The heavy fog of sorrow has fallen over Orlando, just like it did over DC and New York after 9-11.  While the body count may be less, I doubt the shock and sadness in Orlando is much less that the earlier cities experienced.  Mass murder feels personal.

But, there is a difference.  This time, it is more layered or nuanced.  While we have mutated from attacks by Big Evil to attacks by Small Evil. we now see other social fractures being exploited.

I don’t understand the violent hatred of gays, probably because I had a gay uncle who was a good guy and certainly not a pedophile.  I know parts of the Bible condemn homosexuality, just like it also condemns lying, stealing, and killing.  But nobody works themselves into a lather about anything except gays.  Any day now, I expect some psychologist will announce an association between a person’s hatred of gays and confusion about their own sexual feelings.  If I can kill people based upon who they sleep with, can I also kill them based upon what church they attend or how they vote?  Can I throw them off rooftops as well?

As a certified “gun-nut” who has more guns that he can easily recall, I nonetheless believe the NRA has become a cancer on the body-politic of America, and it needs to be excised.  It is nonsense to say that all amendments to the Constitution can be modified, except the Holy Second Amendment.  Allowing people on the no-fly list to buy assault weapons is past nonsense – it is criminal stupidity.  As a former member, I can say that the NRA is an example of a good organization that has mutated into an evil organization.  It needs to be “put down!”

The method of radicalization is also different.  The violent Islamic extremists of 9-11 were radicalized in foreign countries.  That almost sounds quaintly old-fashioned.  Our modern, crazy lone-wolves are radicalized by the internet in nice, safe American bedrooms.

The next evolutionary step will be from Big Evil to Small Evil to Smart Evil, as the computer is used to research methods of mass poisoning.  Evil computers will eventually be used to attack other computers, controlling most everything.  “If you see something, say something” may work on the street, but it doesn’t help on the computer.

I understand how the world economy mutates but, how does Evil mutate?

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