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Snowing in Hades


To those poor souls burning in Hell – Rejoice – Snow is coming.

Long time readers know my strong feelings about Google (AKA Alphabet).  I have long thought they should be ashamed.  They did NOT say to Americans, in any understandable fashion:  “In return for giving you vast amounts of information on the internet, we will sell your personal information to strangers for profits, which we will keep for ourselves”.  If they had done so, they might not have been so deceitful and might even deserve respect.  But, they didn’t!

Now, I am forced to defend this most heinous of companies from the President, who complains Google and other technology firms give him no respect.  While there is not quantifiable research on the subject, I doubt his complaint is true, as Google would gladly tilt their searches to be 100% pro-Trump if that was profitable.  (But then, who would need Fox News?)  This is capitalism, remember?