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Sociology 101

Do you remember much from your freshman course in sociology? Me neither! I cannot remember the professor’s name, but I do remember one particular statement he made: “Anybody who wants to be a cop is therefore unqualified to be a cop!” Huh? His belief was that honorable citizens of a democracy find it so repugnant to beat-up other citizens that they will avoid that duty by taking other jobs.

If someone is motivated to simply beat-up others, I agree he is unqualified to be a cop, but he might be a good bouncer in a bar. The professor went on to explain the personality profile of a police office applicant was vastly different than the personality profile of a mail carrier, which is not really surprising.

I’ve thought about his comments more often than they deserve and conclude it would be a great solution in a world with enough police officers, which is not this world. His statement was as stupid as “Defund the Police”!