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Starved for Oxygen

I support the House Select Committee on the January 6th, because I want to understand how it happened and how recurrences can be prevented.  One outcome is that the Committee determines former President Trump was responsible and refers the matter to the Justice Department, who brings him to trial, where he is convicted and affirmed on appeal by the Supreme Court.  Maybe he even goes to jail, along with his kids.

That’s nice . . .

But, I want to know how it was organized.  Who did the day-to-day work?  What did their organizational chart look like?  Who recruited other leaders?  How did they recruit followers?  Who raised money and how?  Who were the ten biggest contributors?  Who audited the money trail, both coming in and going out?  Was there any “battle plan” with primary & secondary objectives?  How essential was Facebook?  Other social media?  How much did they know and when did they know it?  Have psychologists created a profile of the followers yet?  The questions are almost endless.

Because the former President sucks the oxygen out of every room, we may not learn more important things.