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Success . . . I think

Surprisingly often, I remember a co-worker in Dallas from the late 1970’s.  She was a cigarette smoker, who believed she could quit smoking whenever she wanted.  However, she also believed that the self-discipline or will-power to quit was like a muscle — you have to exercise it!  So, she did not smoke on Fridays!  She exercised her self-discipline every Friday.

I also have an addiction problem — with news — I’m a newsaholic!  I watch it from early morning to late night.  So, to exercise my self-discipline muscle, I decided to spend Sunday news-free.  While I dreaded the day arriving, it was not as bad as I expected.

Yesterday morning, I avoided the Sunday newspaper and kept the TV off.  (My wife stayed in the bedroom to watch the news.)  In the afternoon, I actually went down to the beach to read a long-delayed book.  No withdrawal symptoms!  My hands didn’t shake one time.

Late in the afternoon, a friend walked by me on the beach, telling me there was a three-way playoff in the golf tournament.  Was that news or not?  Or, was it drama?  I don’t know, but I immediately jumped up and ran home to watch the golf playoff.  Still exercising self-discipline, the TV was turned off as soon as the playoff was over.

Excepting a little golf news, I spent a whole day news-free.  I was as proud of myself as my wife was annoyed with me!  Maybe, I’ll exercise that self-disciple muscle again . . . by pushing the plate away . . . or maybe not!!