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Surveillance Capitalism


When cigarette companies report record profits, do you celebrate that they are selling so many cigarettes and that more people are getting lung cancer?  Of course not!

Yet, that is the way I see the record profits reported yesterday by Facebook and other tech giants.  Does anybody say it’s really great that more privacy is being violated, albeit legally?  Of course not!

Some say it is an improvement that they pay kids a nominal sum to access EVERYTHING in their phones, including parents credit card numbers.  Yes, I guess it is an improvement over NOT paying the kids.

Where is the Department of Justice when phone apps like SnapChat can monitor your whereabouts and look thru the camera lenses at you and listen to everything you say – both on or off the phone?  Why is this okay?

Collecting minutiae on unsuspecting people and selling that minutiae to others is just morally wrong.  Even capitalism should have some limits and some morals.  Shouldn’t it?

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