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Tardy 2016 Resolution

At first, I felt guilt . . . then quite quickly, I felt relief . . . great relief.

I had forgotten to watch the presidential debates at 9PM on Saturday night.  I wasn’t surprised by the guilt, as I’ve always tried to be an analytic, dispassionate voter and do try to watch such events.  But, I was surprised at the sense of relief.  It was oddly strong . . . and good!  As I often do, I remembered someone who had passed through my life.

When I moved to Texas in the last century, I was fortunate to work with an older lady, named Audrey, who was quite attractive.  As she was the most svelte member of our department, I asked her what was her secret to staying so slim.  She told me that she fasted for one day each week, normally on Fridays.  No food, water only!  Self-discipline is just another muscle that needs to be exercised, she said.  And, exercising self-discipline that one day improved her self-discipline the rest of the week.  While I greatly respected that self-discipline, I hoped to find an alternative, like running an extra mile or anything except being hungry.

My suspicion is this:  while I love economics and foreign affairs, I am being polluted by partisan politics.  Missing the partisan debate actually made me feel better.  Maybe, I need to go on a fasting diet — a weekly detox program — to be free of partisan foolishness — for one day each week.

Therefore:  Be it resolved I will not watch any TV news on Saturdays for the rest of 2016!

Wish me luck — I know Audrey would!