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Thank You, G.I. Joe


I have only the highest respect and appreciation for America’s combat veterans!  They truly put everything on the line, asking for so little in return.

Despite technically being an all-volunteer military, many soldiers find themselves in combat involuntarily, as their units were transferred before they could get out.  Some are there because they are true patriots, trying to save Motherhood and the Flag.  Some are true “James Bond” professionals doing a job.  Some are there because they are simply adrenaline-junkies and just need the rush.  Some are there because they are wrestling with internal demons and must face death in order to test themselves.  Some are just plain misfits!  They are truly a rag-tag group.

And, I love every single one of them!

Unfortunately, Veteran’s Day is now just another lavish benefit for the government employees in general and postal employees in particular, who don’t get enough holidays, I guess.  I suppose it is also good for retailers.  Parades do seem to have some appeal for the World War II veterans.  Korea and Vietnam veterans are used to living in the shadows, but they do enjoy basking in the reflected after-glow of the Iraq/Afghan veterans.

Still, it is stirring to look out the window and see neighbors flying our flag.  They do so . . . because they remember . . . and they care.  Because of that, they are indeed worth fighting for!

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