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Thanksgiving for Independence


When I went to Hong Kong in 1984, that city-state was still governed by the British but long-coveted by China.  I found that city to be a vibrant, exciting international financial center, with heavy traffic, crowded sidewalks, and excitement in the air.  One day, when I went on my morning run, the city was suddenly quiet and eerily empty.  It seemed like a different city. a ghost city?  Returning to the hotel, I learned the British had just agreed to surrender control of Hong Kong to China in 1997.  The people of Hong Kong had long-wanted independence from both Britain and China.  Instead, they got a kick in the stomach.  I felt sorry for those people being denied independence and still do.  Overnight, that capitalistic city learned they must live under communists.  Every Fourth of July, I think about them.  Decades later, they are still struggling for independence, while we eat hamburgers and hot dogs.

On this Fourth of July, it is fine to celebrate, but it is also fine to give thanks for our Independence.

How about a little prayer for the millions of people still struggling for what we take for granted . . . Independence?

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