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The 10% Rule


After telling my father about a minor “dust-up” with four black youths when I was about 12 years old, my father explained to me that “10% of black people are bad people.”  After scratching my head, I asked what percentage of white people are bad people, and he told me . . . 10%.

His point, obviously, was that 10% of all types of people are bad people.  That applies not just to blacks and whites, but also to Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims.  It applies to Americans, Russians, Chinese and everybody.  Conversely, it means that 90% of all people are good people, who should not be penalized for the bad 10%.

Now, here comes the hard part:  90% of all Republicans are good people, and 90% of all Democrats are good people.

So, if you’re still looking for a New Year’s Resolution and you’re a Republican, then be it resolved you will actually befriend a Democrat in 2018, and conversely for Democrats.  Note that befriend does not mean merely shake hands with them.  It means getting to know them, their family, their hopes and dreams, and to study their perspective on reality.

Or, are you part of the 10%?


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