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The 13th Step

I know, I know . . . America is going to pot, and the young Millennials will only make it worse!  They’re lazy know-it-alls.  They eat healthy but don’t attend church?  They even have premarital sex!  I know, I know!  However, they do see one thing clearly — the vileness from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. 

They also clearly see the vileness of Fox and MSNBC, the propaganda arms of the Republican and Democratic Parties.  That’s why Millennials created “Newsy” for themselves, but you can watch it too.  (Channel 136 on Cox.) 

Republicans will call it Fake News, because Newsy does NOT have the Republican slant.  Democrats will be condescending about Newsy, because it does NOT have the Democratic slant.  Therefore, it must be just right for Millennials . . . and me!

As part of a 12-Step Program, I’ve often recommended that “news addiction” be treated by avoiding news one day each week.  Maybe, we should first ease into our addiction recovery by spending the day watching the laconic news of Newsy as the first step.  It doesn’t have the breathless anxiety of Fox nor the indignation of MSNBC.  Newsy lacks emotions, which is refreshing! 

Just the facts, ma’am!