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The Cancel Culture


Conservative media, like Fox, NewsMax, and OAN, were the among the first to identify the problem of the Cancel Culture.  Apparently, it grew out of college campuses where conservative speakers had been invited to campus.  Then, social media on campus became offended and angry, demanding the invitation be cancelled.  To the students, they viewed such conservative perspectives as insultingly stupid.  To conservatives, they saw it as an insulting suppression of free speech by narrow-minded students.

It became personal for me, when I realized that respect for any Confederate leader was offensive and not permitted on social media.  For example, Robert E. Lee fought for the Confederacy, because he promised his mother he would never fight against their home state of Virginia.  Slavery was irrelevant.  Any respect for Confederate leaders must be cancelled.

Recently, French president Macron complained that the Cancel Culture was infecting French culture.  Social media was being used to inflame opinions about the pandemic lockdown, about their problem with Muslims, and against their “elites”.

The Cancel Culture grew out of social media.  The barbarian assault on the Capitol would have cancelled our form of government.  It was developed and coordinated on social media.  In other words, social media were accessories to the crime.

The Gamestop attack on short sellers was also developed and coordinated on social media.  That manipulation of stock prices occurred on social media.

The Social Media industry has come-of-age and is clearly flexing its muscles, as well as its ability to inflame.  That industry is dangerous and deserves to be cancelled.  Of course, it is also an expression of free speech, but it must be better regulated.

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