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The Curse ?

The USS George Washington has a crew of 6,012. Three crew members committed suicide in April. Of course, these are not ordinary humans who had enough life already. They are highly/expensively trained assets of the US Navy and needed for our national security. Yes, they do matter more than most people who commit suicide . . . assuming anybody really matters.

One of my favorite artists is Brian Eddy, who said . . .

Life and death, what else is there? I’m fascinated by our desperation to live, despite the belief that we move on to a “better place” after we pass. Trading the known for the unknown, forced or voluntary, is terrifying.

The loss of any life is sad, but such a loss due to suicide is more tragic than terrifying. It was voluntary. It is a rejection of our values!

To my knowledge, no animals kill themselves. Is suicide the curse of human intelligence??