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The Cynical View of Sport ?

When I was young, I enjoyed playing sports in general and baseball in particular. I knew all the teams and had at least a thousand baseball cards of the players. Coaches always said sports was good for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You know, “idle hands are the Devil’s tools”, plus it builds character and respect for rules, yada yada . . .

When I took an advertising course in college, I was surprised when the professor made the jarring statement that sports is in the same business as “Playboy” magazine. Huh? The purpose of sports is simply to sell advertising, just like it is for a magazine. No advertising equals no sports? How could selling advertising possibly build character & respect for rules??

Watching the excitement and enthusiasm m of the World Cup made me realize how much I missed the enjoyment of sports. That professor almost destroyed it.

Of course, neighborhood kids are not motivated by advertising sales, but it’s hard to get excited over unknown kids. It may be an act of rebellion against that professor, but I still enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys football games . . . Sorry, prof!