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The Greatest President’s Day?

In March of 2017, I predicted Donald Trump would not serve a full term.  Long before he could be impeached and removed, I expected this most thin-skinned of men would tire of the inevitable criticism and just walk away.  Declaring victory and resigning would allow him to retain some minimal dignity after office.  However, I was wrong!  (At least, I can admit making a mistake.)

Trying to figure out what I didn’t understand about the man, I recalled George Bernard Shaw’s warning:  “Never wrestle with pigs.  You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”  Does he actually  enjoy the criticism . . . because it is all about him?

Perhaps, the more applicable quote is one usually attributed to circus promoter, PT Barnum:  “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, except your obituary.”

So, is he the greatest President or a thin-skinned egomaniac or a shameless promoter?