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The Hi-Jacking of Ayn Rand

When I was nine years old, my father gave me my first gun.  As a child, I spent countless hours shooting birds for target practice (which I’m not proud of today).  As a result, it was no surprise when the Army qualified me as an Expert Marksman.  As a civilian, I have had a Concealed Weapons Permit for many, many years, because I find it comforting to keep a pistol in my car.  I was a member of the National Rifle Association.  If the government asked for weapons to be voluntarily turned-in to the police, I would not participate.  I do believe America is a safer place because I am armed.  So, I guess that makes me a gun-nut.

But, I’m not a ridiculous, paranoid gun-nut!

Ayn Rand is the most influential author in American history that few people know about.  As a refugee from the Communist revolution in Russia, she saw the government confiscate the wealth of the successful and/or lucky (read:  rich) and, in many cases, execute them.  The more fortunate got deported, such as Ayn’s parents.  When she came to this country, during that period of American history when unions were gaining power, she logically connected-the-dots and assumed the U.S. government would someday confiscate the wealth of the successful and/or lucky here, before executing or imprisoning them.

That may or may not be a legitimate fear, but the NRA seized on that argument to increase paranoia among their members and to increase their lobbying influence.  It was an easy sell to a relatively young nation that fought for its independence from an oppressive government.  Today, the NRA is regarded as the strongest lobbying organization in America.

As much as I appreciate my guns and admire Ayn Rand, this free-floating anxiety is ridiculous!

Suppose the Federal government decides to confiscate all guns in America. And, suppose you’re sitting at home one night when jack-booted storm-troopers kick in your front door to remove any guns in your house.  First, they have to look in all the obvious places, like the nightstand beside your bed.  Then, they must remove the drywall covering your interior walls, to check for guns.  Then, they need to tear up the floors, to check for guns.  Then, they need to dig up your backyard, to check for guns.  Then, they need to dig up any forests that you have visited.  Where does it end?  How many storm-troopers do you need to scour a huge country for 300 million guns and over 100 million residences and apartments?  Who is going hire, train, and pay all those storm-troopers?  If you utilize existing police (most of whom are also gun-owners and may choose to ignore any guns found), what functions will they no longer perform?  Will they no longer investigate crime or monitor traffic or patrol schools?  If you utilize the military, what functions will they no longer perform?  I could keep going, but you see the point.

The logistics of removing 300 million guns from 300 million people in 100 million homes is over-whelming.  Even Ayn Rand would agree that Czarist Russia did not pose so many logistical problems.  Confiscating our guns in America would be a greater effort than World War II in Europe, as our far-right gun-nuts would certainly and quickly become snipers.

It would also be an enormous drain on the economy, diverting resources from other badly-needed services or projects.  Knowing the impending armed fight in America that would break out quickly, the stock market would drop markedly, signalling its disapproval.  This is just NOT going to happen!  Stop worrying about the impossible!

As a responsible, experienced gun-owner, I look forward to increased gun-control!  My Second Amendment rights are NOT being threatened . . .