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THE High Crime


Apparently, Mueller has “flipped” Manafort, who will now testify against Trump.  I would caution my Democratic friends to be less gleeful.  Impeachment is a terrible thing.  It is bad for the country.  I was opposed to the impeachment of Clinton, and I am opposed to the impeachment of Trump.

With one exception!

If Mueller finds Trump is merely another sleazy real estate developer, will anybody be surprised?  If Mueller finds Trump lied on his taxes, well, who doesn’t think that already?  Americans knew they were not electing a choirboy, and he still won, fair and square!  Trump should not be impeached for plain criminal infractions.  He can be tried on those, once he is out of office.

Impeachment requires the standard of “high crimes”.  If Trump had knowledge of Russian interference, he is guilty of treason and should be impeached and tried.

Absent that one possible charge, the time spent on impeachment should be allocated to finding a better way to apply the special counsel laws.

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