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The Mainstream . . . Media(s)


News Flash:  Fox News is NOT “fair and balanced” . . . but neither are CNN nor MSNBC.

Fox is more interested in complaining about “mainstream news” even though Fox has more viewers that CNN and MSNBC – combined.
Doesn’t that make Fox the mainstream media that it criticizes?
The other two have breathless coverage over the never-ending Mueller probes and the inevitable impeachment – boring!

The non-viewers of Fox are evil Dems.
The non-viewers of CNN & MSNBC are stupid R’s.
There is a difference!

For the last two years, I’ve retreated to Newsy, which is “fair and balanced,” albeit decidedly Millennial-oriented, which is also refreshing.

To my happy surprise, CNN-International has recently improved.  True to its name, it has moved away from the breathless coverage and has concentrated more on thoughtful coverage of international affairs.  They just finished a series on the international dimensions of cyber-security.  They have had much better coverage of the Russian poisonings in Great Britain.  They even had a fascinating piece on the massacre of 87 elephants for their tusks to send to China, despite the fact that China agreed in January to ban elephant tusks.  There is life outside Washington!

My advice:  Stay with Newsy for now, but start taking a peek at CNN-International as well.